ZEISS Victory Harpia

Innovation beyond established functions.

This characteristic of successful product development is synonymous with ZEISS and is well represented in the new Victory® Harpia.

About the ZEISS Victory Harpia

This spotting scope features the Dual-Speed Focus system, allowing the user to move between near objects and long-range targets quickly, while enjoying the benefits of fine focusing and sharpness correction.

A notable innovation of the Victory® Harpia is the relocation of the magnification ring from the eyepiece to the spotting scope body, alongside the focus wheel.

This allows for quick, one-handed operation – even with gloved hands – and a constant 72° wide angle of view throughout the entire zoom range.

Digiscoping with the Harpia

Intelligent innovations for exceptional results:

High-Performance Eyepiece

Slim construction for a comfortable viewing experience. Secure and lockable bayonet mount.

Elaborate Optical Design

FL lenses and other specialty manufactured glass types ensure a razor-sharp viewing image with natural color fidelity, even at maximum magnification.

Extremely Broad Wide-Angle Field of View

Subjective angle of view of 72° throughout the entire zoom range for a noticeably greater overview of the terrain.

3x Power Zoom

Smoothly change the magnification from 22-65x (Harpia 85) and 23-70x (Harpia 95).

Dual-Speed Focus

Precise focusing with automatic gear switch between fast- and fine-focusing drive.

LotuTec® Coating

LotuTec® hydrophobic lens coating provides a clear view in all weather conditions. Raindrops and dirt simply roll off the lens.

Magnesium materials

The combination of extremely lightweight and strong materials guarantees quality that lasts for generations.

Victory Harpia 95

The revolutionary optical system features a 3x wide-angle zoom, up to 70x magnification and an objective lens diameter of 95 millimeters. The extremely wide fields of view prove their worth in every situation. The Harpia 95 also features precise focusing. Convenient automatic transition from rapid- to fine-focus adjustment, even at high magnification, sets the Victory® Harpia apart and places it well ahead of other premium spotting scopes.

Victory Harpia 85

The Harpia 85 features many of the same advantages of the Harpia 95, but it has a lighter and slightly more compact chassis. The use of FL lenses and other specially formulated glass types allows the Harpia 85 to deliver an absolutely sharp viewing image with natural color fidelity – even at maximum magnification of 65x. The subjective angle of view of 72° throughout the entire zoom range provides a noticeably greater overview of the terrain.


  Victory Harpia 85 Victory Harpia 95
Focal length 162 – 486 mm 174 – 523 mm
Filter thread M86 x 1.00 M95 x 1.00
Effective lens diameter 85 mm 95 mm
Close Focus 3.8 yds 4.9 yds
Height x Width x Length     4.8 x 4.1 x 15.1 in 4.9 x 4.3 x 16.1
Weight (without eyepiece) 68.2 oz 733 oz
Watertightness 400 mbar 
Fogproof Nitrogen filled     


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