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A message from Robert Hershberger

Dear Friends, known and unknown,

Greetings to everyone in this uncertain time. I don't want to bore anyone with a Coronavirus message. I do want to say this, we plan to stay open and running if we are allowed and able to do so. We are working everyday on keeping everything sanitized and in as good and clean running order as possible.

We are ready to start doing business online after having a retail storefront for 44 years! We have been doing some mail order business with our optics catalog. If you do a little search you will find information on other sites about our store, but this is the first time you can purchase items online from us.

Mollee Brown from Nighthawk is our webmaster. She has spent hours since we started last summer getting this site all set up. She has done an excellent job and we look forward to having Mollee on our team as move forward.

We currently have good stock of inventory on most products but we expect to have some shortages of some product. We will do the best we can to provide the best customer care possible.   

Certain optics companies are on shut down do to the virus, so some product is available in limited quantities. We ask for your patience and consideration when placing orders.

You are welcome to place orders online or you are always welcome to give us a call. We value our customer's comments and complements. Please see store hours on the website. If you get the voice mail during normal business hours we are assisting other customers. You are welcome to leave a message or try calling back in a few minutes. 

For those of you who don't know us, we are a birding oriented optics retailer carrying 14 brand names of optics with a couple hundred models in stock. Our business is family-owned and run with only limited outside help. We currently have three generations of the family involved in the business.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy the new site which is designed to be easy to navigate and an informative tool when trying to decide which is the right optic for you. We hope you will have a positive experience with our company.

On a lighter note, the birds are winging their way north. A Purple Martin at our place today created some excitement as did some flyover Common Loons and a few other migrants. Tree Swallows were checking out nest boxes today. The Eastern Bluebirds have had a head start, they were already checking out nest boxes last week. A Field Sparrow was singing its spring song where we heard it from our back yard.               

 Enjoy the birds and stay safe!

Robert Hershberger, owner, Time and Optics



About Us

Time & Optics, Ltd is a family run business that has been around since 1976. We specialize in both clocks and sporting optics, offering a huge selection of each to choose from. In addition to just selling them, we can also fix and repair them. When it comes to sporting optics – binoculars, telescopes, and accessories for birders, we pride ourselves not only on excellent customer service but being active and devoted birders ourselves. With decades of experience, we know the latest in optics and can provide some of the best knowledge and service in the business.

At Time & Optics, we want you to feel at home. That’s why we encourage you to take our scopes outside and test them out before buying. With a truly incredible catalog and generations of knowledge and experience, Time & Optics is proud to bring Millersburg, Ohio some of the best clocks and optics products anywhere. Time & Optics brings you unparalleled quality in both clocks and sporting optics. Take a look through our products, including binoculars, spotting scopes, floor clocks, mantel clocks, table clocks, wall clocks, and more!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not totally satisfied with your purchase, return the merchandise, postage paid, to Time & Optics within 15 days of the invoice. We will issue a refund or credit or replace your merchandise. Returned merchandise must be in new condition. Include all accessories, instructions, blank warranty cards, and packing materials. If these conditions are not met, a full credit may not be issued. In case of returns, shipping charges are not refundable.