Opticron SDL v3 Eyepiece

The SDLv3 delivers the widest FOV of any SDL eyepiece in a smaller lighter package. Designed with a 3x range for maximum versatility, the eyepiece delivers superior cross-field definition and exceptional viewing comfort with or without glasses. SDL v3 Eyepieces are supplied in soft case with dust cap.


  • 3x range
  • Superior cross-field definition with exceptional viewing comfort
  • Long eye relief
  • Waterproof 4-stage twist-type eyecup
  • Premier Limited Lifetime Warranty

Magnifications with telescope bodies

  • MM3•4 50 12-36x
  • MM3•4 60 15-45x
  • MM4 77 18-54x
  • HR 66 18-54x
  • HR 80 24-72x
  • ES 80 20-60x
  • ES 100 27-80x
  • IS 60* 15-45x
  • IS 70* 16-48x
  • MMS 160 7-21x

*Eyepiece adapter required

77mm 18-45x 40936M SDLv3
50mm 12-36x 40936M SDLv3
60mm 15-45x 40936M SDLv3
Eyerelief 20x18mm
Length 3 in.
Weight 9.5 oz.