Kowa TSN 88 Prominar Series


  • 88mm pure fluorite crystal objective lens
  • Dual focus for fast and precise focusing
  • Spotting scope with angled or straight view including wide-angle zoom eyepiece 25-60x
  • Ideal for digiscoping with a camera or smartphone
  • Particularly suitable for nature and bird watching

At a glance

1. Eyepiece bayonet mount and accessory collar
2. Dual focus (Quick / fine)
3. Adjustable tripod mount
4. Magnesium alloy body
5. Twist sun shade
6. 88m fluorite crystal objective lens

More details

When crafting the new TSN-88 PROMINAR series, Kowa went back to its routes in optical design. Routes which have made it one of the most popular spotting scope manufacturers in the world.
To enhance a basic fundamental feature that PROMINAR users enjoy every time they look through their eyepiece - Natural Colour.
Kowa has always prided itself on manufacturing optics that deliver a pure rendition of the view in front of the lens. Allowing you, the observer to explore and enjoy every detail of the subject.
An image free of negative optical distractions allowing you to immerse yourself into the scene in front of you.

The new TSN-88 PROMINAR features an 88mm pure fluorite crystal objective lens - the true optical powerhouse at the heart of all PROMINAR flagship optics. This unique lens redefines the standards of colour brilliance and eliminates chromatic aberration for one of the most detailed views of the natural world.

Kowa engineers have improved the unique optical coatings applied not only to the lenses but also the prism in the new TSN-88 PROMINAR spotting scope series. The result is a spotting scope that delivers even higher levels of light wavelength transmission than its predecessor and most important of all, across the entire colour spectrum for the most natural colour of nature.

The TSN-88 PROMINAR now benefits from a 100% magnesium alloy structure, making it not only tougher but also lighter than its predecessor. A fully waterproof and nitrogen sealed shell plus an upgrade of Kowa KR coating applied to the objective lens which repels dirt, moisture and dust from building on the surface, makes the scope reassuringly rugged.

The dual focus mechanism is the gateway to controlling the image between your eye and the scope. Exquisite engineering is refined to make operation flawless. Quick focus allows for fast action to bring your subject in to detail in just a few smooth revolutions, whilst Fine focus gives pin-point, finger-tip control offering the ultimate in focussing accuracy.

The TSN-88 PROMINAR adopts the new ergonomic curves and form created for the recent TSN-99 PROMINAR scope series. Th ere is no mistaking this spotting scope is PROMINAR. Classic green with new and improved elegant styling and a comfortable shape designed to give the user the best experience and operation out in the field.

The TSN-88 PROMINAR retains its crown in the world of digiscoping, offering the photo enthusiast ultra long range telephoto photography options not possible in conventional photography. The improved coatings further enhance digiscoping performance even at the highest levels of magnification producing images that were once only achievable with high end DSLR systems. Kowa has an enviable line-up of dedicated and universal smartphone adapters to allow simple connection of most smartphone models to the TSN-88 PROMINAR, take highly magnified and detailed images and videos with your smartphone of the natural world.

A new dual tripod mounting system prevents the scope from slipping or rotating on the tripod shoe ensuring extra stability for long periods of use. A game changer for ultimate convenience and handling out in the field.

The spotting scope includes a new detachable aiming site that can be fixed on to the accessory collar to assist in locating your subject more rapidly. The lens hood also features a newly designed built in aiming site as a further visual aid.

Straight Angled
Filter thread: 95mm 95mm
Objective Lens Material: Fluorite Crystal
Fluorite Crystal
Minimum Focusing Distance: 5.0m 5.0m
Objective Lens Effective Diameter: 88mm 88mm
Length: 326mm 342mm
Weight: 1480g 1460g