Kowa TSN 600 Series

Eyepiece purchased separately. Use with TE-14WD 30x or TE-9Z 20-60x eyepiece.

Ultra Lightweight Body
These scopes weigh less than 745g (25-26 oz) but are tough enough to withstand the most adverse conditions.

Fully Multicoated Body
All lenses, prisms, and dustproof glass are fully multicoated, ensuring sharp images and a clear visual range.

Waterproof and Filled with Dry Nitrogen Gas
The housing is waterproof to JIS* Protection Class 7** and filled with dry nitrogen gas to prevent the lens from fogging.
* JIS=Japanese Industrial Standard.
** The scope is not intended for use underwater.


  • Aiming Line: The aiming line is helpful for quick sighting.
  • Focusing Knob: The focusing knob allows a smooth and accurate focusing with one-finger.
  • Dust Protection Glass: The Dust Protection Glass protects the scope body from dust and moisture.
  • Sliding Sunshade: The sliding sunshade prevents unnecessary light and raindrops.
  • Bayonet Mount: The bayonet mount assures easy and quick interchanging of eyepieces.
Item # TSN-663 TSN-664
Model Prominar XD lens, Angled
Prominar XD lens, Straight
Weight (w/o eyepiece) 35.63 oz. 34.92 oz.
Length (w/o eyepiece) 12 in. 12 in.